Central Wisconsin Trapshooting Association
Shoot Governed by ATA and CWTA rules

ATA rules require eye/ear protection on the field and prohibit the
consumption of alcohol by participants prior to or while
shooting (including shoot offs).

Shooting times – 10:00 AM to 4:00 pm

50 targets - 25 16yd & 25 handicap targets

Minimum yardage - 20 yds (ladies/juniors 19 yards)

Longest known registerd (ATA/PITA) or CWTA yardage must be
shot.  It is the responsibility of each shooter to ensure he/she is
listed and shooting at the proper yardage.

Punches:  CWTA punches may not be reduced for two years.
50 straight –                                         2 yds
High Score (if other than 50) –             1 yd
Second highest score –                       ½ yd

Reductions:  1 yard/season max.  Shooters must have
participated in the previous CWTA season (2016) to be eligible
for a reduction. Shooters receiving CWTA punches in the
current or previous season (2016/2017), or having a greater
registered yardage are not eligible for reductions. Inactive
registered shooters (min 2 years) are eligible after shooting at
least 1 CWTA season. Shooters wishing to receive a reduction
must apply for it prior to shooting their first CWTA targets of the
season or it will not be granted.

Shooters may shoot as many times as desired, however they
must complete any unfinished rounds prior to signing up for
subsequent rounds

Buckle for High Gun, High Lady, High Junior, & High Veteran at
each shoot – ties shoot off.  In the event that no tied shooter is
present or eligible to shoot, the winner shall be determined by a
coin flip.

High Overall Buckles:
All 7 shoots will be used for HOA averages.
Only first 16 yard and handicap round/day qualifies.
Ties will be shot off at the championship.
Buckles for Champion, Lady, Junior, and Veteran.
Buckles Sponsored by:

$18.00 – 50 birds
$9.00 to host club
$2.00 to CWTA
$4.00 Lewis Purse (3 classes, CWTA system)
$3.00 Final Championship Shoot

$5.00 reduction on first round each shoot for juniors.  
Juniors must be under 18 date of first shoot.  You can
remain a junior for the season and compete for HOA

Options: (All ties Divide)
$1.00 – CWTA 50 straight (pays 75% of perpetual purse)
$3.00 – 16 yard (pays 2 places 60/40)
$3.00 – Handicap (pays 2 places 60/40)
$2.00 – High Gun (pays 3 scores 50/30/20)
$2.00 – Long Run from front and Long Run from back
$2.00 – High Lady/Junior (pays top 2 scores 60/40)
$3.00 – Vets Purse (pays top 2 scores 60/40)
$3.00 – Yardage Purse (pays top 2 scores in each of 3
groups 60/40)

Championship Shoot:
Shooters must shoot a minimum of four times to qualify
2 rounds per person at the Championship Shoot only
Both rounds qualify for all daily money/trophies
2017 CWTA Rules